Odds and Ends at the Curtiss School

Ivan poses in a Curtiss flying boat, model F - at the Curtiss School in 1916. 

I'm wrapping up the section on Ivan's flight instruction at the Curtiss School with this post. The photo above is of Ivan in the Curtiss model F flying boat.  Notice the Curtiss Control, which is a yoke that Ivan is sitting in which controls the ailerons.  The yoke moved from side to side as the pilot leaned from one side to the other, and the wires lead off to either aileron, causing the plane to bank.  The rudder was operated by a large steering wheel which also moved forward and aft to control the elevator.  Some of these planes had a foot operated throttle, as well.

Next up is a photo of the weekend crowd at the Curtiss School. Folks around these parts must have seen quite a few airplanes, but recall that this is early 1916, and aviation if still less than a decade old.  I imagine there is still a bit of wonder as folks watch the planes flying past.

Visitors at the Curtiss School watching an aerial demonstration, 1916. 

Here's a Curtiss model R making a slow pass for the camera.  Look at this as large as possible on Smugmug and see if it looks to you like the pilot has a pie tin on his face.  Weird!

A low flyby in a Curtiss model R at the Curtiss School, 1916. 

Finally, here's the last page of Ivan's logbook for his hours here at the school.  Notice that he did not solo, but still earned his certificate at about fourteen and a half hours of total flying time!

Ivan's final logbook page from the Curtiss School.

Next up, Ivan moves to Mineola, on Long Island.  I'll have details in that post...


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