The "Gull Bat" of 1916.

The 1916  

Here is the oddity that I've been itching to publish, and now we've finally arrived at this little gem in the collection.  I literally found nothing regarding this except a scrap of paper with the words "Gull Bat" tucked in the pages where the photos reside.  My initial thought was that it might be the early work of W Leonard Bonney, but I don't see much in common with his ill-fated craft of 1928.

So, I'll put it to you.  I invite you to find some information about this odd aircraft.  What on earth is it?

The 1916  

Notice the tail skid and the nose wheel, and the marvelous curves of the wings. I don't know how common three-bladed propellers were in 1916, but this one is really nice.  The tubular trusswork below the wings reminds me a bit of a crop-duster.

The 1916  

A pretty arrangement of landing wires from a central post, and notice the full-flying elevator and vertical stabilizer!


I don't know if the plane got airborne, but I'm assuming it did not.

The 1916  

Thankfully, the pilot can be seen again in the final photo.

The 1916

Please post an answer if you know what this strange plane is.  I'm dying to know more about it!


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