Gull Bat clues...

Wright model B pusher.  Notice the sign in the background.  Jersey Aeroplane Co?  New Jersey Aeroplane Co? 

While I was researching the Gull Bat, or whatever it actually turns out to be, I started noticing some similarities in the buildings in all these photos to the buildings around the Gull Bat.  Above is a Wright Brothers model B pusher, which unfortunately shows up broken in two in an adjoining photo.  Notice the sign in the background, which is why I include it.  The good folks over at the Aerodrome have provided some clues, but I'm still looking for a definitive answer on the Gull Bat.

If you go back to the last post, you'll see the pulleys that open up the hangar door in the photo below.  This twin is an Atlantic Battleplane, according to Tork1945 over at the Aerodrome.  He also has photos of the Gull Bat, but they are in a folder he has, titled "USA UNIDENTIFIED".  Sigh.

Another mystery plane, at the same location as the Gull Bat. 

I've included this last photo in case the plane below sparks anyone's memory about the identity of either the plane, or the location of this airfield.  Aerodrome contributor Rbailey posted in response to my query that there was a New Jersey Aeroplane Co. listed in old magazines in Patterson, NJ.  So we actually have a little more to go on, thanks to those guys!  My thanks to them.

Unknown airplane, with the same

Just a few more photos remain in the first scrapbook, and they're pretty good!


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