Curtiss model F Flying Boat

Curtiss students launch a Model F Flying Boat as a crowd watches. 

I seem to be running out of model F flying boat photos!  This will be the last series of this model of the Curtiss Flying Boat, or Hydro-aeroplane, as it was referred to in its early years.  The first photo, above, shows a detail that I have wondered about for a while.  How did they cart that thing down the ramp?  Look closely, there's a pair of wheels steadying the plane.  I can't quite make out how they attached the wheels, but it is fun to have this mystery solved.  I don't think this was the case in every launch, since I think we would have seen one in a photo by now.

Here's a nice view of the Flying Boat taxiing, presumably back to the ramp.

Curtiss Flying Boat model F taxis by the Curtiss School in 1916.

I would have left this final photo out, if not for two things I noticed about the photo.  1) It may be the last model F plane in the scrapbook, and 2) it is taken in a vertical format.  Notice the tail is cut off, and that the horizon is pretty crooked.  In order to get a vertical format with this camera, you have to focus it via the viewfinder (by looking down into the camera from above, there was no prism) and then turn the camera on its side and give it your best guess.  I hadn't thought of that until this very photo, regarding all the other vertical format photos in the collection!  I find it interesting from a photographic standpoint, since it doesn't really make sense to try and capture this angle of the airplane vertically, it was a break from the traditional.

Curtiss Flying Boat model F at the Curtiss School in 1916.

Next up, I have some photos of what I believe is the model H prototype.  


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