Joy of flight

Here is a group of photos all from one page of the scrapbook of Jennys in flight. I particularly like the clouds in these photos since most of Ivan's photos show very little details in the sky. For me, they capture the feeling of a day at the airfield with plenty of activity and the wonderful sound of ancient engines sputtering by.

I thought it would be fun to give a pilot's perspective of what it was like to fly the Jenny as an accompaniment to these photos, but they are harder to locate that I had imagined. The little I did find indicated that these first planes climbed very slowly (around 200 feet per minute), and needed plenty of rudder leading into turns due to adverse yaw. I found an excellent film of a pair of Jennys doing mock combat, which featured some steep turns and loops.

Stalls, steep turns, loops, and spins were all a part of Ivan's flight training and are plentiful in his logbooks. I recall him telling me his favorite aircraft was the Nieuport 28 due to it's ability to roll. I'll have to recheck the logbooks for rolls in the Jenny.

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