Timeline/Brief Update

A lot has transpired since my last post, mostly finishing up another half-quarter at school! I have a whole week off between quarters in five weeks, so expect a flurry of posts, then.  I also have taken some steps toward making the collection somewhat more permanent for my family, so that the collection can live on for future generations, and just as a precautionary back up.  Sobering to say that, as some of you may be reading this long after my generation has moved on.  Anyway, my intention is to post all the photos to a service where I can not only store these photos, but make them available anyone else who would like to retain individual prints.  More news on that in the next few weeks.

One of my dearest old friends made a suggestion this week to add a timeline to the project, in order to give some historical reference, and to place the events of Ivan's life among them.  I wish I had done this with my post on the Scope of the Project, but I'll place it here, in the spirit of meandering discovery that the collection is turning out to be.  Much of this chart is taken from this site, and the timeline was created with a trial copy of SmartDraw.

Click to enlarge, as with all photos here.

I'll be working on the 1915 Indy 500 race photos this weekend, if all goes according to plan!  Thanks for hanging out, and thanks a TON to Dic for the suggestion.


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