Scope of the project

Today, I did a complete redesign of the layout.  It works really well on Chrome, and Firefox is okay, but cuts off a bit of the base, so I'm rethinking it further.  Suppose I better try IE, too.  I know one of you uses Safari, maybe you could tell me what you think.  I really disliked the way the big photo behind the text and transparent background worked.  So unorganized.  I'm not trying to annoy people, but if I'm going to be doing this for a while, I want it to look good.

I decided to show a bit of the scope of the project, and let you have a "behind the scenes" view of what I'm working with.  Mostly I'm working out of four scrapbooks which contain the flying with some racing.  One of the scrapbooks is all cars.  One of the scrapbooks is all family.  The 3-ring binder that you see open contains all the letters (yes, they're archival separators), and I've posted a photo of the logbook, which it looks like he re-transcribed at some later date.  Also, you can see his journal from 1920, and his Aero Club and Naval Aviator's certificates.  The tiny black book contains candy recipes.  We'll talk about that in a year or so.

A portion of the collection.

Jn's, Thomas Morse Scouts, Nieuports, even a Spad!  Man what a life.

Up at the crack of ... wait, 8:00 a.m.?  Seriously??
The upcoming blog will start with the 1914 Indianapolis 500.  You might have fun doing a little research before I post, which will be possibly tomorrow, but soon.  We'll see a famous flyer in the coming weeks.  How's that for a tease?  Probably pretty silly for anyone who knows WWI flying, sorry.


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