What about famous women? A real pearl!

After going through this current scrapbook looking for famous men, it occurred to me that I had neglected a woman who was far more famous than any of these men!

Pearl White was a silent film actress who starred in "serials" films. Her starring role in "The perils of Pauline" and later in "The exploits of Elaine" made her a well-known starlet by the time these photos were taken.  I believe they must have been shooting for the film "Pearl of the Army" because of the subject matter and the proximity to the film's release in 1916-17.

I don't have any documentation of any kind other than the proximity of these photos in the album to tie them to Mineola other than to observe that the aircraft is a Standard J1 which was plentiful at the airfield.  Ivan often received photos from other sources and pasted them into the scrapbook.  In any event, here are the photos of the famous actress, Pearl White.

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  1. Hello! I'm doing further research for a manuscipt for WW1 that includes a pilot as a character. Visuals always help and details of real life. Your site has been so helpful. Thank you!