Retaliation? Prank? Hazing? Help me out!

I'm in a section of photos in the scrapbook right now where I see a lot of really great portraits of flyers, and some photos of what life around the camp was like. My photographic eye wants to find photos that are interesting to me and hopefully to you as well. So, I'm trying to discover what will be interesting to post photographically, and hopefully develop a narrative that gives a little insight into those photos.

My eye caught these two photos in a corner of one page. They are in a different format (size) and they are on different paper, so someone gave them to Ivan to add to his collection. They are pretty poor quality, actually. And even though I'm having a very difficult time coming up with something interesting to write about this, these photos are just too interesting to pass up.

The poor sap on the receiving end of this... what? prank? hazing? looks to be completely subdued already. Two of the guys have on aprons, and one looks to have some pointed rod or something in his hand.  Ivan is looking over his shoulder at the camera. I don't recognize the faces in the photos as being any of the flyers from the rest of the scrapbooks.

In the first photo it's difficult to see the victim's face. Next we see him with some sort of prosthetic snout strapped on? It's obviously great fun for almost everyone in the photos.

What's your take on this? I'll publish any comments that are not profane or obscene if you're willing to make a guess as to what's going on here!


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  1. Think this might be some sort of medic combat training gone awry? At least everyone is having fun, except the victim maybe. Notice the old tobacco pipes in the first photo