Wheaton Wins!

So, we're back with race number two, and the results of the race are very interesting.  Ivan wins his second race, but as the headline of September 14, 1914 reads, "Three cars mixed up on race track".  Mixed up indeed!

This second race of Ivan's career takes place at Fonda Fairgrounds again.  An interesting description of the race indicates that the track is located on the river, which supports a view from a previous post that the Fonda speedway of today may well have been the same location as in Ivan's day.  This race also attracted another large crowd, by one account it was double (3000 people!) the size of the first race!

The twenty mile race is the focus of the headline, and the mix up occurs at lap 17.  According to the first article, it was obvious to the writer that there was an attempt to keep Ivan from passing during some portion of the race.  Seems to me like Ivan was getting a little testy about this and decided to make a bold move on the back straight.  Somehow while he was passing Stewart, he caught the guy's rear wheel, taking him out of the race.  The other Ford apparently had some engine trouble, and Ivan won the race.  Ivan placed third in the 10 mile race.  (this clipping is readable at full size, but Lightbox sometimes doesn't let you view it full size. Try right-clicking this if you can't see it full size and either "view image" or "open in new window)

This next set of newspaper articles is taken directly from the scrapbook.  They're all interesting reads, but especially the last clipping, which is a direct response to the article above.  Stewart answers the writer's accusation that he and Jones were attempting to keep Ivan from passing them.  I'm reminded of the quote from the Marx Brothers movie, Duck Soup.
Mrs. Teasdale: But I saw you with my own eyes!
Chicolini: Well, who you gonna believe, me or your own eyes?
Stewart accuses Ivan of passing on a "dangerous curve", and states that he should have been disqualified.  He finishes up the post with some classic 1914 trash talking.  The first article answers a question that I've had while viewing these old photos... who is the other guy?  Charles Vollmer.

Here's a photo from Fonda, probably Stewart.  Notice the amount of spectators lining the infield rail this time.  You can also see a number of shadows from spectators to the left of the photographer.

Another vantage point from the race at Fonda.  Very difficult to tell much through the dust, but just having a photograph of this event nearly 100 years ago is, to me, really amazing.

More 1914 racing coming up.  Next we'll be racing at Ballson Spa, and unfortunately, I don't see much in the way of Ivan taking up Mr. Steward on the rematch.  We have some really, really excellent photos of this event as well.


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